LumaLink is machined from one solid piece of billet aluminum giving it the same strength and beautiful shine as the bike frame. Not just an add-on accessory, LumaLink is an extension of the bike creating a seamless unity as function meets design. LumaLink is clear coated in a special anodized bright dip, giving it a lasting bright shine protecting against oxidation and “white rust” keeping the LumaLink as beautiful and strong as the actual bike itself. And because of its custom design to your specific bike type, LumaLink requires no holes, drilling, or tapping into the bike. LumaLink is a free standing customization accessory, attaching itself into the design of the bike, but not into the bike. It will hold onto the bike for the life of the bike, but maintaining the integrity of the stock frame. All this, and it can be installed in only 5 minutes using standard household tools! Click here to see how easy the LumaLink installation really is.


LumaLink brings riding safety to new heights. Adding the LumaLink lighting system allows the rider to actually see the road as the driver navigates it. Existing front headlights only point in the direction the front of the bike frame is pointing. LumaLink adds the ability to shine light in the direction the bike is going, as it turns with the handle bars, thus giving a quicker view of where the bike is headed as the rider maneuvers into curves. This allows the rider not only to see more, but BE SEEN more.