James Gordy has been in the tool and die industry for many years, both as a tool and die maker and tooling engineer. In 1984, he started Gordy Tool Inc., a company that performs tool and die work as well as CNC machining and stamping.  Customers served by Gordy Tool, Inc. include the automotive, defense, lighting, and consumer products industries.  Gordy Tool, Inc has grown into a state of the art machining company with full CAD/CAM capability. 

In 2001, James began trying to find new lighting options for his BMW, but nothing currently available was what he had in mind.  He designed a bracket in CAD, made some prototypes and after numerous modifications, he had something he liked.  Starting a business was not what he had in mind; he only wanted decent lighting on the road and to be seen by other motorists.

Upon finishing the prototype, James started using his new product, attending motorcycle meetings and rallies, where other riders noticed.  Some other riders had the same need for auxiliary lighting and the same desire for a highly crafted machined part, made on a one-of-a-kind basis, in some instances. Thus, the birth of the LumaLink.

Now with availability for a constantly widening array of different bikes, a multitude of different lighting options, and a choice of finishes, LumaLink custom lighting brackets are designed with the intention of addressing an individual rider’s specific lighting requirements.

LumaLink accessories have been manufactured and shipped to bike riders all over the world and the people at LumaLink would welcome the opportunity to help you with your lighting needs.